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Palm drops support for calendar service

As the company moves toward splitting itself in two, Palm nixes support for WeSync, which lets people share calendar data among more than two handhelds at the same time.

Palm has notified customers that it plans to stop supporting a service for sharing calendar data among numerous handhelds.

Although it is nixing support for the full service, called WeSync, Palm has already delivered a free program, known as DualDate, that allows two handhelds to share calendar information.

The handheld maker acquired Portland, Ore.-based WeSync in December 2000 during a spate of acquisitions. The software allows more than two handhelds to share calendar and other information at the same time. As Palm prepares to split into a hardware company and an operating system company, the intellectual property of WeSync has been given to the OS company, known as PalmSource.

"For PalmSource to provide technical support would not be financially viable," a PalmSource representative said, noting that the service has a relatively small base of about 25,000 users and that the number of people using the service has remained relatively flat in recent months.

PalmSource plans to maintain the WeSync Web site, which offers the program and basic support information.

Palm has cut other services as it looks to narrow its focus. At the end of last year, the company discontinued its Web-based portal, which included an online calendar service it acquired through its purchase of