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Palm announces next-gen Windows Mobile Treo...for Europe

Palm announces next-gen Windows Mobile Treo...for Europe

Interesting news out of Europe: Palm, Microsoft, and European carrier Vodafone announced plans today to launch a GSM Treo before the end of the year. According to the press release, the new smart phone "will represent an industry first by operating on Vodafone's 3G/UMTS network and delivering the hallmark Palm experience on top of the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system." (If you're keeping track, this Treo has also been dubbed the Hollywood and, most recently, Lennon.) The release went on to say that the new Treo would be available to Vodafone customers first in multiple European countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Great. But what about us here in the States? Unfortunately, there's no official word from Palm, but there are rumors that Cingular has plans to release two Treos sometime in October.

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