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Pain and delight: Who's firing, who's hiring (updated)

Yes, it's bad out there, but there is some sunshine. Check out our list of companies that have job openings.

We've been running a spreadsheet of layoffs at tech companies since October. It's depressing, but it's newsworthy. To offset the pain a bit, we also have a second spreadsheet tracking who is hiring. I'm happy to report that there are more companies on the record as having open jobs than there are that are executing layoffs. The raw number of jobs lost is higher than gained, unfortunately, but if you are laid off, check out that other spreadsheet for a potential new gig in your industry.

The spreadsheets: Layoffs | Openings.
(Latest updates: December 9, 2008)

There are plenty of other resources where the job seeker can turn. Check out job boards on TechCrunch, GigaOm, Mashable, and Center Networks.

I also recommend JobWire at ReadWriteWeb. It's a new blog about people getting hired. Watch for people you know on it -- they could provide leads to additional jobs at their new employers. And see my 14 things to do if you are laid off from a tech job.