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Packnada lets you travel to Singapore without luggage

The Singapore-only (for now) service will launder and store your clothes for you and deliver it to your hotel the next time you're in town. Think of it as a cloud storage for your clothes.


Do you hate waiting in line for your luggage and want to save time by traveling without it? The good news is if you are heading to Singapore, you should check out this nifty laundry service called Packnada.

Once you sign up and activate your account, the company will pick up your clothes at the hotel before you leave, wash, iron and store them for you until you return.

You can store up to twenty items, and these clothes will be delivered straight to your hotel for when you next visit Singapore.

While each delivery will cost you $99, it's still cheaper than having the hotel do your laundry, says Packnada.

Founded by Johnbosco Ng and Jonathan Lee, the idea behind the startup was hatched on a business trip to Hong Kong, where both of them were stuck at a "crazy long check-in queue."

"It was really frustrating, and all we wanted to do was get home," Ng said.

"What if we had our clothes waiting for us at our destinations? Just by taking clothes out of the equation, how much simpler would the process be? If we can have our files wherever we go via cloud storage, why can't clothes be the same?"

Incorporated last year, the founders spent three months working on the platform, and the next six months conducting a private beta test before finally officially launching in April.

While the idea is a simple one and can be easily copied, Packnada plans to expand regionally quickly with the help of partners. However, Ng didn't seem too worried about having someone steal Packnada's business plan.

"Competition is welcome because they could help bridge this knowledge gap. I also think there is merit in learning best practices from each other," he said.

Lastly, besides business travellers who are more likely to appreciate and use this service, Ng says the company has had a lot of interest from medical tourists who travel frequently to Singapore for treatment and consultations.

"We have one user who brings his father for chemotherapy sessions in Singapore twice a month, and really enjoys using Packnada. I guess the service allows them to focus on the important stuff like getting through the treatment, rather than menial chores associated with travel," he said.