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Packard Bell PCs ready for telephony

Packard Bell introduced new PCs with telephony and videoconferencing software.

Packard Bell Electronics today introduced a new line of multimedia PCs that come outfitted with Internet telephony and videoconferencing software.

The Platinum Series Windows 95 multimedia systems all come with VDONet's VDOPhone, videoconferencing software for communicating over the Internet, and VocalTec's Internet Phone audioconferencing software.

The PCs also provide improved graphics capabilities through a 64-bit 3D graphics-video accelerator chip, better audio with a 16-bit stereo surround-sound card, and an enhanced graphical interface for navigating applications and files.

Prices for the Platinum series systems vary depending on configurations. Packard Bell offers models with Pentium microprocessors ranging from 133 MHz to 200 MHz, 16MB to 32MB of RAM, 1.2GB to 3.4GB hard drives, and 28.8-kbps modem. Certain models will also include Iomega's Zip Drive, a 100MB removable disk drive.

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