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Pack up extra produce

If you've got extra produce on your hands, preserving it with the Home Preserving Kit will let you get the most out of your food.

The Home Preserving Kit Sur la Table

I'm already getting the feeling that my garden is going to provide me with plenty of food this year. My tomato plants alone are probably going bear more tomatoes than we can eat. I'm planning on preserving the rest so none of it goes to waste. The Home Preserving Kit makes the process of preserving or canning food much simpler. It comes with all the basics that are necessary to the process: a steel boiler with a canning jar rack, a canning funnel, and a jar lifter. It doesn't come with jars, but those are much easier to find than the other parts. You can even pick up jars for next to nothing at thrift stores.

The Home Preserving Kit is ideal if you're just starting to preserve your own food. You can make jam, can tomatoes, or even buy up fruit and vegetables in season and eat them much later in the year. If you've already got the full kit on hand, you'll be able to learn how to can your favorite foods in an afternoon. It doesn't need to be a time-consuming process--after all, finding a store that stocks jar lifters is often the hardest part. The kit is $42.