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Pac-Man ghost lamp chases down 16 different colors

Waka-waka. This new glowing ghost offers up a-maze-ing option paralysis with its rainbow of color choices.

The original Pac-Man ghosts -- Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde -- all have assigned colors, but with this new Pac-Man ghost lamp, we may need to start thinking of some more names. (Stinky? Winky?)

The new lamp blows the original four arcade ghost colors away, as a remote control allows the owner to cycle between 16 different colors, or select one of four cycles to let the ghost just roam through the rainbow like you just set it loose on a speed level.

This isn't the first time the Pac-Man ghosts have lit up our nights. In 2010, we wrote about these guys, but we're having trouble finding them for sale anywhere now.

This latest lamp sells for $61.99 (£51, AU$82) from The site also sells a cheaper color-changing LED Pac-Man ghost light in more of an 8-bit style for $31.99 (£26, AU$42).

Start saving your quarters.