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Ozzie opens Mix with Yahoo mention

Microsoft's chief software architect makes one of his rare public appearances, opening his Mix '08 talk with comments--but no new details--on Microsoft's Yahoo bid.

Editor's note: CNET's Ina Fried blogged Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie's address live from Mix '08.

LAS VEGAS--Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie decided he didn't want to share the stage with an elephant.

In the first minute of his speech at Mix '08, the company's Web-focused confab here, he talked about all of the things Microsoft has done in the online arena over the past year.

Ozzie at Mix
Ray Ozzie opens Microsoft's Mix '08 saying that Web notions like tagging will become as common as the file and edit menus on the desktop. Dan Farber/CNET

"And then there's Yahoo," Ozzie said, adding that there isn't much he can say about Microsoft's pending bid.

"I can say it's already added some interesting twists to what promises to be a really, really exciting year," Ozzie said.

He also justified spending Yahoo-size dollars by talking about the potential of the online advertising market.

Ozzie said he hoped in his speech to connect some of the dots between Microsoft's online services, which he acknowledged can seem from the outside to be somewhat haphazard.

"It might seem to you to be just a little bit random," he said.

Update at 9:50 a.m. PST: Ozzie talked about how various experiences that today are handled differently on various devices will soon be more seamlessly connected. In music and movies, for example, connected entertainment means only having to organize and license content once and being able to use it on multiple devices.

Update at 9:55 a.m.: For productivity, he said Office Live will become a "hub" where people will be able to link tags and share documents. Ozzie said Microsoft will have more to say about this area at a separate event. He didn't say when or where this event will take place.

Update at 9:57 a.m.: Ozzie said that the attendees at Mix will be the first to be able to try out a new service for managing multiple PCs, though again he didn't say just when this service will be available.

Ozzie also announced a new database-in-the-cloud service, known as SQL Server Data Services.

In wrapping up his comments, Ozzie acknowledged that Microsoft is competing for developers' attention. "I know today you have many amazing technology choices," he said. "But I'd like you to bet on us because I think together we can create extraordinary experiences."