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Oxymoronic wireless headphones for Apple's iPod Shuffle II

Concept photo of upcoming wireless Shuffle headphones from Arriva.

Wireless headphones with wires! Arriva

Back in March, I reviewed Arriva's sports headphones, which feature a unique cord design that does a remarkable job of keeping the headphones' earbuds securely in your ears. The fledgling company hinted that it would be creating "wireless" headphones for Apple's second-generation iPod Shuffle, and we now have our first concept photo of what the headphones will look like. The irony is that the headphones aren't wireless in the traditional sense (Bluetooth, IR, or RF), but they simply have the tiny Shuffle II integrated into the headphones at the back of your neck.

Arriva's founder Ben Blouse explains:

"We have designed a docking station smaller but a mirror of the Shuffle II station and extended the slot 13mm down into the clip section, which fits snugly. From our testing, the weight and fit work great and the lack of speaker wire is wonderful--which is our wireless goal."

He adds:

"Yes, this was [created in] Photoshop, but the final product will be very close to what you've seen. We are not selling the Shuffle [to go with the headphones] but Apple knows what we are up to and have not said anything except we can make our headphones in all the Shuffle colors, which we are."

No word yet on what they'll cost or exactly when the company will begin shipping models, but hopefully by this summer.