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Oxygen machine for your very own bubble

Been there. Next, please.


While on a recent stay at a swank SOMA hotel, Crave was graciously given the option of purchasing a "personal oxygen supply" in a sealed bottle perched on a sparingly appointed postmodern shelf. We declined. But we remained curious because we hadn't heard much about the old O2 ever since the whole oxygen bar thing of the late 1990s. Because the height of its popularity coincided with the dot-com bubble, we just assumed it was just another one of the countless bacchanalian excesses that defined the era.

Today, however, we learned that the phenom is alive and kicking in the form of such products as the "O2hi Personal Oxygen Machine," a little dynamo that Popgadget says "emits negative ions which purify the air to the point of being 50 percent more oxygen-rich than clean mountain air." For $1,295, we'll take their word for it.

Which just goes to show that, when a bubble bursts, the oxygen will just pump up another one. Or is it the other way around?