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Running on Legos on a treadmill has to be the dumbest idea ever

Owwww! Any parent could've warned these guys that cutting footloose with the torturous toy bricks was going to end in tears.

Ramsay Bolton thought of some terrible tortures in "Game of Thrones," but had he just made Theon walk over a bunch of Legos, he might have broken the poor dude even earlier. As any parent or caretaker of children will attest, stepping on a Lego delivers a specially horrific type of foot pain. Especially if it happens in the middle of the night, unexpectedly, when you're just trying to get to the damn bathroom in peace.

The guys behind YouTube channel Where's My Challenge know this, and yet they still decided to spill boxes full of Legos on a treadmill and challenge themselves to run barefoot on it. "This is gonna suck," one of them announces at the beginning of the video. And oh, is he right.

If that, and the terrifying "blood alert" (not much) in the video's title doesn't scare you off, rest assured: Watching the 8-minute video is an exercise in masochism, but kind of funny, thanks to the dudes' good humor as they, uh, put their best feet forward. (Some NSFW language, assuming you even work at a place where watching dudes running on Legos is allowed in the first place.)

This challenge should probably be added to those junior-high classes where adolescents are shown they're not at all ready for kids by carrying an egg or a bag of flour around. Just let them run on the Lego-filled treadmill for about two seconds and they'll be holding off on parenting for possibly ever.