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Own your very own piece of embarrassing Boston history!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force must really hate America.

'You and your third dimension!' Boing Boing

I think we all know by now that yesterday, the city of Boston experienced the humiliation of a lifetime when light-up ads for the Cartoon Network show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, depicting a "Mooninite" character, were mistaken for bombs and basically shut down the city. (There must be something in that dirty water, you know, the same thing that makes them root for the Red Sox year after year.)

Naturally, one of the LED advertisements from Boston wound up on eBay and bids had topped $5000 in what seemed like seconds. It appears, however, that the auction has been pulled.

But don't worry. A few "Mooninites" swiped from other cities have begun popping up too, and the auctions don't appear to have been pulled (yet). Getting a non-Boston Mooninite isn't totally legit, but hey, we can't all be number 1 in the hood, g.