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Own the world's smallest car, the Peel

U.K.'s Peel Engineering has chosen to resurrect the 130-pound microcar, which made its appearance in 1962 and 1965 as a city car, with a limited run of 50 collectors' units.

Peel P-50
The Peel P-50 weighs a mere 130 pounds. Peel Engineering

There's every likelihood I won't be able to fold myself into what could be the world's most Lilliputian motorcar. The toy-car-like Peel P-50 could easily give Japan's 7-foot-tall microcar, the Daihatsu Copen, and the Smart car a run for their money.

Just know that this selfish little three-wheeler can seat only "one adult and a shopping bag," and you'll have to get in on the left side where the door is. To keep the car compact, there's just a single windshield wiper and one headlight.

Stats-wise, this road-legal model measures a tiny 50 inches across the wheelbase, with a dimension of 52.8 inches (length) by 39 inches (width) by 47.2 inches (height), and a mere weight of 130 pounds--far lighter than some of us in the CNET office.

The P-50 made its appearance in 1962 and 1965, and U.K.'s Peel Engineering has chosen to resurrect it and the also-tiny Trident, as city cars, with a limited run of 50 collectors' units. Only 21 cars remain as at time of writing and there's a waiting list. So if you possess a death wish to scoot around in a vehicle that looks like it'll turn turtle at the first corner it takes, you can head to the Web site and plunk down a deposit of $775 (excluding shipping and tax) to reserve one.

Just note that shipping and tax haven't yet been added to the final tab of 12,499 pounds ($19,335), not to mention the permit and custom duty fees imposed for importing this into your country. Check out how it drives in the video below, as Top Gear's statuesque Jeremy Clarkson attempts to take one on the road.

(Source: Crave Asia via Autoblog)