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Own the history of the iPhone -- on your wall!

Find out how 1940s Hollywood, Captain Kirk and the Twisted Nematic effect shaped the iPhone in our first Tech Family Tree.

Walls -- what are they good for? Absolutely nothing, as a great man once said. Actually, walls are good for one thing: holding up cool posters, and have we got a cool poster for you. It's the History of the iPhone from the big brains at ZDNet UK!

Find out how a 1940s Hollywood star and Captain Kirk shaped the smart phones we know today. Meet the iPhone's ancestors Simon, PLATO and RISC, and discover the superhet, memex and the Twisted Nematic effect.

You'll learn the tragic story of how one of the most important inventors of the twentieth century was driven to his death never knowing how important his work would prove to be.

The History of the iPhone is the first in a new series of Tech Family Tree posters that celebrate the culture of invention by delving into the many fascinating stories behind the gadgets we take for granted today.

You can get a taste of the innovations that gave birth to the smart phone in your pocket with ZDNET's interactive timeline, but for the complete picture you need to clear some space on your wall, invest in some Blu-tack and bag yourself one of these gorgeous glossy posters.

Packed with facts and beautiful to boot, the History of the iPhone is an A1 glossy full-colour poster that's perfect for designers, students, journalists and technology fans. It's available now for £20 plus postage, and we can even sort you out with a tasty frame.

What are you waiting for? Do something nice for your wall today.