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Own a full-size 'Transformers' Optimus Prime semi truck

Save the world from the inevitable robot invasion by investing in Optimus Prime. The massive fire-emblazoned semi from "Transformers" is going up for auction.

Optimus Prime would like to go home with you.


If you could choose only one "Transformers" character to be your sidekick, which would you pick? Personally, I would want Optimus Prime on my side with his soothing voice, Autobot leadership skills and massive hauling capacity.

That dream could come true if only I were rolling in dough. An Optimus Prime stunt truck from the "Transformers" movie franchise is going up for auction later this month through auction house Barrett-Jackson.

Sadly, the truck does not actually transform into a giant talking robot. The heavy-duty vehicle is a 1992 Peterbilt 379 decorated with a fiery paint job, tinted windows and huge exhaust stacks. Barrett-Jackson notes it is a "fully functional vehicle with a real VIN and title."

Optimus Prime isn't alone on the auction block. A modded 1967 Camaro done up as Bumblebee is also going up for bid. It appeared in "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction." The car comes from "Transformers" director Michael Bay's personal collection. It has an upgraded engine, suspension system and brakes. It is painted in the classic Bumblebee black-and-yellow scheme.

Michael Bay fans may be particularly interested in Bumblebee. The director autographed the car, though Barrett-Jackson doesn't reveal where on the vehicle he scrawled his name.

There is no reserve for the truck or the Camaro. The major car auction that includes both Optimus Prime and Bumblebee takes place from January 24-31 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Barrett-Jackson welcomes foreign bidders to register. The auction house expects 300,000 event participants, so you will have some competition if you decide to go for either vehicle.

In case you were hoping to drive Optimus home, however, you need to be aware that the truck is not street-legal in the US and may not meet emissions requirements in the 50 states. If you don't have a garage big enough to hold it, then it will make for one heck of a stunning lawn ornament.


This Bumble doesn't actually transform, either.