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OWC offers trade-in MacBook memory upgrade kit

Trade in your own memory to get an upgrade from OWC.

Just a day after Apple showed off its new MacBooks, Other World Computing (OWC) announced on Wednesday its 4GB DDR3 memory upgrade kit for the computers.


The kit includes two matching 2GB modules of PC3-8500 DDR3 memory designed specifically for Apple's new MacBook 13-inch and MacBook Pro 15-inch models. It costs $140 but you'll get a discount for trading in your current Apple standard memory modules.

The company's trade-in program offers $7.50 cash back per GB of old memory, which is a savings, but not such a good deal considering the new kit costs about $35 per GB. Nonetheless, the memory kit comes with a lifetime warranty and a money-back warranty policy.

Other than the upgrade kit, OWC also offers system memory for all previous Core 2 Duo MacBook and MacBook Pro models, including the still offered MacBook "White" 2.1GHz, in a 4GB DDR2 Memory Upgrade Kit, priced at $69.99.