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OWC now turns your MacBook into a tablet

OWC announces Modservice in the U.S. that turns your MacBook into a tablet computer (ModBook).


If you're a hard-core Apple fanboy but want the functionality of a tablet computer, there's a solution: get your MacBook transformed into a ModBook.

The solution got more easily accessible on Friday as Other World Computer announced its Modservice in partnership with Axiotron.

Originally available only in Canada, the service converts an existing Intel Core 2 Duo-based MacBook into an Axiotron ModBook. So far, this is believed to be the world's first and only Mac-based tablet computer that lets users draw and write directly on the screen.

Preordering is available immediately from OWC, with prices starting at $1,299.99. That includes a protective shipping box and FedEx air shipping to and from OWC.

You can also buy a new ModBook starting at $2,199 directly from OWC. As an Axiotron authorized system manufacturer, OWC is certified to convert existing MacBooks into full-featured ModBooks.

Together with the Modservice, OWC is also offering a full three-year warranty option that extends the Modservice conversion one-year warranty term. Priced at a hefty $349, the extended warranty covers the original MacBook components, any customer selected upgrades installed by OWC at the time of modification, and the tablet components.