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Overwatch's new character is half man, half fist

Aptly named Doomfist, he brings the popular game's playable character count up to 25.

Over 13 months after its original launch, Overwatch is getting a new character. And he looks pretty freakin' sweet.

Announced on Thursday by Blizzard, Doomfist is an offensive character that brings the playable roster up to 25. As his name and design suggests, he is very adept at punching things, possibly to death. 

Right now, he's only available to those who play on the game's Public Test Realm, which is itself only accessible on PC, and not PS4 or Xbox One. You can check out his attacks on the game's website. Most amusing is his Rocket Punch, which you can use to smash other players real deep into walls. His Shoryuken-esque Rising Uppercut is also rather dope. 

When Overwatch first launched last May, it had 21 playable characters. Since then, it's added four new ones in Sombra, Orisa, Ana and now Doomfist. More importantly, Blizzard has racked up a huge following for the game, with over 30 million registered players