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Overwatch unveils Ana, its first new character

Meet the support sniper Ana, the newest character to join the roster of Blizzard's hugely popular team-based shooter.

Overwatch's roster of 21 characters is about to get a little bigger. First teased with a blueprint of a sniper rifle capable of healing allies, Ana was showcased in a short trailer released Tuesday.

Filling a support role, the new character can both heal your teammates and damage enemies at long range, and comes packing her rifle, a knockout tranq dart and a healing grenade. Healing grenades totally make sense in this universe. She's also the mother of Overwatch's resident rocketeer, Pharah.

Ana will be officially released in a free upcoming patch which also contains balance changes to existing characters. If you can't wait for the official release, you can try out Ana now by opting in to Overwatch's beta test servers. To do so, open the client and, right above the play button, select "PTR: Overwatch".