Overseas challenge to IT jobs

In response to the January 10 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Time to revisit the H-1B":

I work in a telecoms software business that provides customer support and back-end rating and billing systems for big wireless providers in the United States. The new threat is not the H-1B. The new trend is to ship American information technology jobs overseas. Like many big IT companies, my company is doing the same. Needless to say, thousand of jobs will be lost to (or replaced with) foreign workers in my company alone.

Indian IT salaries are in the range of $400 to $600 a month. How could we compete with that, regardless of talent or education? Only the CEO and upper management will get a huge salary and bonus, whereas middle-class, educated workers will disappear.

This trend is similar to our textile and manufacturing industries but this time, it is affecting college-educated and middle-class folks.

As a matter of fact, my company has stopped offering H-1Bs to U.S.-educated foreign workers because overseas workers are much cheaper and do not require INS or government approval.

R. Law
Orlando, Fla.