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Ouya console delayed as demand is 'greater than expected'

The Android-powered game box won't be on sale until late June. The firm has also bagged more investment cash.

Ouya, the Android-powered console that was funded through Kickstarter, has delayed its launch.

The diminutive hardware, which runs Google's open-source operating system and costs a mere £99, will now launch of 25 June, Joystiq reports.

That's several weeks later than the 4 June date that was promised last month, which in turn is later than the March release that we anticipated at the start of the year.

The delay is down to the as-yet-unreleased console's popularity, apparently. Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman is quoted as saying that the fledgling firm has seen, "Incredibly positive reactions from our retail partners."

"In order to meet their greater-than-expected demand," Uhrman reportedly continued, "We decided to shift the launch date by a couple of weeks -- three weeks -- which will allow us to create more units."

When Ouya does finally hit shop shelves, the company says it will have eliminated an issue that sees the controller's buttons getting stuck under its front plating.

That was one of the criticisms early backers aimed at the console when it was made available for testing in March. The dirt-cheap system, which aims to take on the Wii U and next Xbox, wasn't terribly well received by early testers, and now has much to prove.

Ouya has also secured a stonking $15m (roughly £9.7m) of new investment. That gives the company more flexibility when it comes to building more units, but adds extra pressure for the experimental device to succeed.

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