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Outsourcing: Not on my dollar

In response to the special report written by Ed Frauenheim and Mike Yamamoto, "Reforms, not rhetoric, needed to keep jobs on U.S. soil":

Well-written arcticle. The only shortage is that of "cheap" engineers.

The sad part is that my tax money is paying these businesses to outsource. Yes, our educational system caters to the foreign nationals (my tax money again) and avoids U.S. citizens. The citizens of this country are "paying" (through taxes) businesses to move work out of this country.

Don't get me wrong; outsourcing is good if done correctly, but it could kill the company if done incorrectly. We are already losing the technological advantage to other countries. Any business that outsources work to other countries should not get any of my tax money--none!

George Barnes
Phoenix, Ariz.