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Want to follow the crowdfunded projects that actually captured consumer interest? Check out, a new site that only displays ready (or near-ready) endeavors from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Have you become overwhelmed by the chaos of crowdfunding Web sites? Read on for a cure. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

There's a certain sense of wonder and excitement that arises when keeping tabs on the latest and greatest Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Browsing those marketplaces, I often ask myself, "Will they stay, or will they go?"

The new Web site features a visual directory of successful crowdfunded darlings, which you can browse according to availability -- such as projects available now or those still in preorder status. Any projects currently seeking money won't even show up on the site, meaning Outgrow acts as an easy way to wade through all of the noise and buy some potentially cutting-edge products ready for prime time.

I browsed Outgrow for about 10 minutes and found the service incredibly easy to use. Each product listing features high-quality pictures at the top, with a relevant description and video below. To the right of each listing, you can click on a simple "Add to Cart" or "Preorder" button to purchase the associated item.

Outgrow does sell some of the gear, while other listings act as a pass-through to the actual manufacturer's Web site. Regardless, Outgrow is about as simple as it gets, and perhaps could be a good way to share the crowdfunded movement with those who might find Kickstarter or Indiegogo confusing.