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Outdoor kitchen cabinets for the backyard gourmet

These stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets make it easy for you to create professional results in your yard.

Check out the features on this baby! Kalamazoo Gourmet

You know how it is when you run out of space in your outdoor kitchen? Well, maybe you don't, because, really, how many of us have outdoor kitchens? But wouldn't it be nice if you did have one? And then, wouldn't you want it to have enough cabinet space?

Enough silliness. My family does spend a fair amount of time eating outdoors, and outdoor cabinet space would be handy for many of us. Imagine being able to set up for a barbecue without constantly running back into the house, letting the bugs in and the air out every time you open the door. Or missing the punch line of the joke because at the crucial moment, you were hunting through the kitchen--the indoor kitchen--for the paper tablecloths.

You can see where this would be a problem. So Kalamazoo offers outdoor kitchen cabinets made entirely of stainless steel--all the way down to the fasteners and legs. You'll appreciate sleek touches, like the seamless rain gutters around every door and drawer opening to keep all kinds of weather out. And hose your cabinets clean without worry--all electrical enclosures are completely weatherproof.

The full extension drawers make it easy to store and find whatever you need, and the full finish on each side means you can configure your pieces any way you'd like. Check out the full line of outdoor cabinets.