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Outdoor grill does deep-fry, too

The Blacktop 360 features a unique design and multiple cooking methods. It features the capability to grill, griddle, or deep-fry.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dick's Sporting Goods

Backyard barbecues may be becoming more and more scare with the advancing cold weather, but when one grill shuts down, another one often fires up. And just as every cloud has a silver lining, opportunities often present themselves when least expected. Opportunities, that is, like finally being able to grill a burger with a side of fries.

With a centrally mounted 20-ounce deep-fryer, the Blacktop 360 features a circular design and multiple methods for cooking that lets users cook what--and how--they want to. Orbiting around the deep-fryer are a grill, a griddle, and a warming plate, so not only can that burger be served with fries, but also with bacon, grilled onions, and a nicely warmed bun.

The propane-powered outdoor appliance has a double porcelain enamel cooking surface and can achieve temperatures in excess of 650 degrees on the grill with the ceramic infrared burner. (The griddle features stainless steel burner construction.) A cutting board mounts to the side of the unit, and other accessories include a deep-fryer thermometer (that mounts in an included slosh ring), and a lid that can be used anywhere on the outer ring.

When it is all said and done, the 30.5-inch-tall cooker folds down for easy transportation and storage with the included carrying bag. And as far as the deep-fryer goes, an optional silicone steamer is available that allows you to use the central vessel as a steamer--but somehow a burger and steamed veggies just doesn't have the same ring to it.