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Our favourite science stories of 2016

The beautiful thing about science is that it never stops advancing. Here are some breakthroughs from 2016 that are gifts which will just keep on giving.


Thanks to magnificent, hard-working scientists and researchers around the world, science keeps marching ever forward. And this year saw some discoveries that are absolutely brimming with the promise of greater discoveries, breakthroughs and quality of life in the future.

Of course, there was the utterly tremendous news that scientists had finally, 100 years after Albert Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity, detected real evidence of gravitational waves. It's early days yet, but it's opened up an entire new field of astronomy. Slightly closer to home, we also had a solar-powered plane fly around the world without a single drop of fossil fuel, and seen some massive advances in technology to help people with paralysis.

Click through the gallery below for the stories that gave us real, shining hope for the future.

What scientific breakthroughs are you looking forward to in the year ahead? Let us know in the comments below.