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Save $45 on a durable OtterBox cooler -- deal ends today

Plus, a handy portable induction burner is 50% off at Best Buy.


If you know OtterBox, you know it makes everything tough. And tough is a great quality for a cooler since we don't always handle them like newborn kittens. Right now, a very sturdy, very well-rated OtterBox Venture 25-quart cooler is on sale at Best Buy, down to just $150 (originally $230), but only for today. 

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If you're a serial camper, tailgater or just like to throw parties where the volume of beverages outpaces the volume of fridge space, it sure is useful to have a quality locking cooler on hand. The OtterBox Venture 25 comes with antislide rubber feet and a slanted interior and spout for easy draining. This cooler generally sells for $195 or more, including on OtterBox's website.

And speaking of camping, Best Buy also has a handy Insignia portable induction cooktop on sale for just $40 (originally $80) also for today only. Bring this anywhere you covet a little cooktop action like your RV, office, dorm room, boat or other small or mobile living space.

These deals will have you ready for adventure season and Best Buy will ship both the OtterBox cooler and the Insignia cooktop burner for free. Or you can order online and pick them up today at your local store.

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