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Otterbox getting an early jump on iPad 3 case

In preparation for the arrival of the next iPad, Otterbox has launched its new "What's Next" marketing campaign and asked press members to register to receive a review sample of its iPad 3 Defender Series case.

Otterbox is gearing up for the next iPad's launch. Otterbox

Well, here it is. The first e-mail for a case for the iPad 3.

It comes courtesy of Otterbox, which is getting a jump on its competitors and is already asking media members to line up for review samples of its new Defender Series case. (Average civilians can sign up to receive an e-mail alert when the new case launches).

Excitement is building and the rumor mills are spinning toward another highly anticipated Apple announcement. We don't know when, but we do know that the next iOS device will receive iProtection from OtterBox. We're expecting a new iPad and whether it's an iPad 2S, iPad 3 or something else, we can confirm we will have a Defender Series case available...[it] will be OtterBox's flagship option for the new device.

Also worth noting: Otterbox has started its own iPad 3 weekly rumors roundup blog page. Who knows, maybe it will post this post on its own post.

OK, that's too meta, but last year's iPad 2 launch was on March 2, so we're potentially just a few weeks off.

Alas, this is a leap year, which means we'll all be forced to wait one extra day for the next iPad. That hurts.