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Mobile Accessories

Otterbox dives into charging accessories -- and a Black Friday sale

Branching out beyond cases Otterbox has a new line of cables and charging accessories.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you go to Otterbox's website, you'll notice a few new items that aren't cases -- or have anything to do with protecting your phone or tablet.

Yes, the company is branching out into mobile charging accessories. For now, the selection is limited -- there's a USB car charger ($25), USB wall charger ($25) and micro USB charging cable ($30), with a Lightning cable coming soon.

The new accessories start at $25.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The prices for these new accessories are pretty high but they do seem well built (the USB car charger has some metal integrated into its design, for example) and Otterbox reps said that the tough qualities of the company's cases have been extended to the new accessories.

Expect more Otterbox mobile accessories in the future, including additional car accessories and some products I can't tell you about quite yet.

And yes, as the headline states, Otterbox is having a Black Friday sale: Spend $35 and get 10 percent off, spend $50 get 15 percent off, and spend $75 and 20 percent off.