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Other World Computing to unveil MacBook tablet

Apple may about the Tablet PC design, but Other World Computing plans to launch a Mac tablet just before Steve Jobs takes the stage next week, it announced Thursday.

OWC's ModBook will be unveiled on Tuesday at Macworld. The ModBook is a MacBook that has been converted into a slate tablet. It will run Mac OS X and allow users to draw pictures or write text directly on the screen, according to Lawrence O'Connor of OWC. Apple's Inkwell technology is what will allow ModBook users to draw on their Macs.

The ModBook will be featured on the show floor, and more details are expected to be revealed at the show. It will also come with integrated GPS (global positioning system) technology, a built-in iSight camera, and a CD/DVD drive, according to OWC's Web page.

The Tablet PC hasn't quite reached the heights that Bill Gates had hoped for earlier in the decade, but certain professionals like doctors, insurance adjusters and teachers have expressed interest in the PCs. Graphics professionals, already big fans of the Mac, would be a likely target for a Mac tablet.