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Other uses for Google Spreadsheets: Word-find puzzles?

Isn't Google Spreadsheets supposed to be for work? Apparently people are using it for "fun" too.

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An amusing entry in the Google Docs and Spreadsheets Blog highlights a neat use for the online app: word-find puzzles. The idea came to Jonathan Rochelle (a Google Spreadsheets product manager) when his son came home pining to create his own puzzle like the one his teacher had given his class at school. Rochelle's solution? Google Spreadsheets, of course.

You won't get complex auto-creation and custom publishing tools like you'll find in standalone software apps. You could also achieve similar results using Excel. What makes Google Spreadsheets neat is the ability to embed for sharing. Your embed will automatically update itself every five minutes, in case you make changes. If a person really wanted to put the time in, he or she could create a word-find feed, using nothing but Google Spreadsheets.

Our Webware word-find puzzle can be found here. Have any other peculiar uses for Google Docs and Spreadsheets? Let us know.