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Other Pre Users Speak Out: Part II

I asked Pre users at what they would say to Sprint/Palm about their user experiences over the past month, and here's more of what they said.

I asked Pre users at what they would say to Sprint/Palm about their user experiences if they had the opportunity, and here's some of what they said (more to come in future posts).

Pre user "Nyhde" had the following to say:

Overall, things are great. I just switched from AT&T with the iPhone 3G and I couldn't be happier. The Sprint network is great compared to AT&T where I live.

Only complaint would be that my local Sprint store was out of stock, so I headed to Best Buy to sign my contract with Sprint. Keep your stores stocked!

Pre user "mbizzle" pleads:

Fix the battery. Charging my Pre twice a day is getting old fast.

Pre user "dajlol77" reports:

Coming from Verizon to Sprint, I've been pretty impressed with everything so far - The coverage, the customer service and of course the wonderful Pre. I've not had a single hardware issue with the Pre yet and I'm pretty confident it will stay that way.

I do of course hope more software updates and a lot more apps will be coming out soon, but that really seems to be more of a request to make of Palm, not so much Sprint.

And "Drac0Linux" said:

I got my Pre last Thursday when my old phone died. I'd been holding off on upgrading since Sept. of last year, waiting for a Sprint Android phone. Though I would still love to have an Android phone, I've been impressed with the Pre. So far I've not had any hardware issues, short battery life, etc. that others are posting about on the forum.

Things to take to Sprint:

1. +1 on removing the $0.20/minute call forwarding tax.

2. Give their in store sales people more training on the phone. I'd not touched one before I bought mine, but reading the forums for a month before getting it, I knew more about how the phone worked then the guy who sold it to me.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for input. I'll include more of your feedback in a future post!