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Power nap with the hardly-bizarre-at-all Ostrich Pillow Mini

Nap in subtle comfort with the Ostrich Pillow Mini, the next in a line of increasingly small oddball pillows designed for the perfect casual snooze.

Ostrich Pillow Mini in action
Sleeping at your desk is about to get a lot more comfortable. Studio Banana Things

The original Ostrich Pillow was a bizarre hit on Kickstarter. It's a pillow big enough to suck in your whole head and has hand holes on either side. While creator Studio Banana Things promoted it partly as a travel pillow, it was pretty much the most conspicuous travel pillow you could imagine. So Studio Banana Things toned things down with the follow-up, the somewhat more unobtrusive Ostrich Pillow Light, but it was still strange-looking and extremely noticeable.

All those people who passed on the Ostrich Pillow and Ostrich Pillow Light due to the unsubtle nature of the designs now have an Ostrich Pillow they can call their own. Meet the Ostrich Pillow Mini. Don't worry, Ostrich fans, it wouldn't be an Ostrich Pillow if it weren't at least a little bit odd. The quirkiness is readily seen once you notice the overgrown-jelly-bean styling and holes for slipping your hand or arm into.

The Mini will be particularly enticing for people already comfortable with the classic nap-on-your-desk-with-your-head-on-your-arm pose. It adds a comfortable layer of padding to cushion both your head and your arm. If even has a thumb hole if you prefer to nap with it tucked over your hand.

Just as the previous pillows handily defeated their funding goals, the Mini is already well funded, having hit nearly $39,000 with 21 days to go. The original goal was $15,000. You can get in on the nap madness with a pledge of $25 (about £16, AU$29 -- it's shipped internationally). The outer color is a heather gray, but you get your choice of gray, blue, coral or yellow interior accent colors.

I like to think of the Ostrich offerings as three levels of madness. There's full-on crazy with the original Ostrich Pillow, mildly weird with the Light and relatively normal with the Mini. You might want to own all three in order to fit your mood or varying sleeping circumstances. The Mini is certainly the most portable of the trio, but it does leave me wondering what Studio Banana Things could possibly do next. Perhaps it will take a page from Apple and introduce a super-size Ostrich Pillow Jumbo to fit over your whole body.