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Ostrich Pillow Light only slightly less weird than original

The Ostrich Pillow Light dials down the extreme looks of the original strange pillow, but will still draw attention when you nap in public.

Ostrich Pillow Light
Well, it is more subtle than the first one. Kawamura-Ganjavian

With the original Ostrich Pillow, design, fashion, and functionality collided in a tangled mess we couldn't take our eyes off. Truly, the head-engulfing travel sleep pillow caused a rift in the universe. Some people thought it was brilliant. Some people thought it looked like your head was being sucked into the body of a voracious octopus.

Nonetheless, the Ostrich Pillow was a raging Kickstarter success. Now, its little cousin, the Ostrich Pillow Light, is raising funds to go into production. It has the same gray looks as the original, but scales down the overall effect into something more akin to a small stack of tires.

A $45 pledge gets you in line for the Ostrich Pillow Light. This is aimed at people who want less to carry around, but still are comfortable enough with themselves to be seen wearing what looks like an earthworm's neck around their head. This is more extreme than a sleep mask and earplugs, but also quite a bit cozier.

Design firm Kawamura-Ganjavian has put a lot of thought into the pillow. It is stuffed with silicon-coated micro-beads to keep the weight down and help block out noise. It has an adjustable elastic ring to accommodate different head sizes. It's much more portable than the original.

It looks like the Ostrich Pillow Light is well on its way to reaching its funding goal, showing once again that there is a demand for odd headgear for napping on the go. If you didn't dig the original Ostrich Pillow, would you wear this one instead?

Ostrich Pillow Light
Wearing the Ostrich Pillow Light like a scarf. Kawamura-Ganjavian