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Oster deep fryer isn't small potatoes

Featuring single- or double-basket use, the Oster Large Immersion Deep Fryer gives french fry fans what they want (along with an excuse to try something new).

Make chips with or without fish. Oster

Nothing beats freshly cut french fries. Made with real potatoes (with the skins on, of course), the fried tubers are a delicious accompaniment to most any meal. Though not being known for being the healthiest of foods, one thing for certain is that making them for yourself you know exactly what goes into them. This is no small thing considering that homemade fries are completely and assuredly all natural. And when made properly, they aren't even necessarily unhealthy.

Presented with the opportunity to test out a deep fryer, the first thing I thought of was french fries. Good thing the Oster Large Immersion Deep Fryer comes packaged with a french fry cutter in the box. (Includes blades for thick or thin cut fries.) Also included were three baskets: one large one and two smaller ones allowing for side-by-side frying. The dual-basket design is interesting in that it opens up possibilities for classic pairings--such as fish and chips--to be made at one time.

Being a food guy, I know to use the "double fry" method when making french fries. This method involves frying at a lower temperature, removing, and then refrying at a higher temperature. The results are crispy, well-cooked french fries that are really not that greasy. Two functions on this particular deep fryer came in handy here: the temperature control and the integrated timer.

This deep fryer is large. I was able to make a round of french fries made with several potatoes in two batches--in real-world terms, enough to feed anywhere from two to four people. Maximum and minimum oil levels are clearly marked, and an integrated latch allows for baskets to drain oil back into the reservoir. Overall, the deep fryer is a pretty substantial machine, of the type made to feed a crowd; however, don't forget those two baskets, as it makes single-meal frying all the easier--luckily everything goes better with french fries.

The Oster Large Immersion Deep Fryer will be available later this spring.