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Osmosis: This new Netflix show about AI will remind you of Black Mirror

Netflix revealed a new trailer for an intriguing new French show about AI-driven online dating.


After a bit of a dry spell, Netflix feels like it's on a roll. Sex Education ruled, Russian Doll ruled, Roma took home a bunch of Oscars.

Now it's about to launch Osmosis, a Black Mirror-esque show about the strange future of online dating.

Osmosis is a show about what happens when you cross Tinder with biometric data and artificial intelligence. As you might expect with a show of this nature, the story appears to get dark real quick. 

I'm keen. Netflix has a good history of supporting super-high quality shows from Europe. One of my favourite seasons of TV from the last couple of years was Dark, which was awesome and you should watch it. Hopefully Osmosis can hit those same heights.

Osmosis arrives on Netflix March 29.