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Surprise, you're at the Oscars! Tour bus stunt divides Twitter

Some on social media found the Jimmy Kimmel prank charming, but others thought it was cringeworthy.

The Oscar winners are always going to be debated, but midway through Sunday night's show, it was a Jimmy Kimmel stunt that divided Twitter more than any of the awards (except maybe that "Suicide Squad" win).

Kimmel announced that a Hollywood tour bus had pulled up to Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre, and that the tourists aboard were expecting a tour of a movie-themed exhibit.

Instead, he led them into the theater and right across the front row of seats, introducing them to such stars as Meryl Streep and letting Gary from Chicago hold Mahershala Ali's Oscar statuette.

Gary and his fiance, Vicki, were even "married" by nominee Denzel Washington, with Kimmel joking, "He's Denzel, so that's legal." And Jennifer Aniston gave Vicki a pair of sunglasses, on Kimmel's orders.

The lengthy segment delighted some, but others found it cringeworthy.

Let's hear from the delighted side first:

And then, from those who didn't see the humor:

And for some, just watching the difference of opinion online was as good as a tennis match.

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