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Oscar site revving up

The Web site is gearing up for the 70th annual Academy awards ceremony.

For the first time in Oscar history, there may finally be a way to cut off the rambling "thank-you" speeches of the winners: Check the results online.

Impatient movie and fashion fans can circumvent the television broadcast and check out to find out who won what--and, more importantly, who was wearing what on Oscar night.

The launch of the site indicates the growing power of the Internet as a marketing and promotion tool. Media outlets with a Web presence have begun taking advantage of the Internet as a growing mass medium to cross-promote their TV offerings. The Net has been used to hype NBC's ER, network sports programming, and MTV, among others.

The site, coproduced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and, which is broadcasting the 70th annual Academy awards, begins its Oscar coverage next Tuesday when the names of this year's nominees are announced.

Between then and Oscar night on March 23, the site will feature Oscar news, features about the films and stars nominated, and Oscar fashion and beauty updates. On Oscar night, the site will offer pre-show coverage of the stars arriving on the red carpet, the award winners, and the party after the show at the Governor's Ball. also offers interactive games such as "Style Stumpers," "Oscar Trivia Challenge," and "Predict the Winners."