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Oscar Mayer renting out the Wienermobile via Airbnb for overnight stays

Let's be frank. We wish we were in Chicago to do this.

Ketchup on your summer vacation planning: Oscar Mayer is renting out one of its six 27-foot-long Wienermobiles -- yes, the vehicle that's shaped like a giant hot dog -- via Airbnb, the meat maker said this week.


Would you relish a stay in the Wienermobile?

Courtesy of Oscar Mayer

Beginning July 24, wannabe hot doggers can request a one-night stay in the Wienermobile, which will be parked in Chicago, on Aug. 1, 2 or 3. We're betting the reservations will disappear quicker than hot dogs when Joey Chestnut is in the room, but if you want to try, bookmark and give it a try on the 24th. A stay is $136 (about £108, AU$192) per night.


Naturally, the interior is done in ketchup and mustard hues, which match those in the Oscar Mayer logo.

Courtesy of Oscar Mayer

Lucky guests will find a mini-fridge stocked with hot dogs and condiments. They'll get a grill to take home, as well as a welcome package featuring everything from a wiener onesie to hot dog sunglasses.


Grab a tasty nap in the Wienermobile.

Courtesy of Oscar Mayer

The company says it'll roll out the reservation opportunities throughout the day on July 24, so interested renters should keep an eye on the listing to see when to submit a request.