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Oscar Mayer hot dog ice cream sandwich is both real and terrifying

It's made with candied hot dog bits. You may cry now.

The Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich is here to assault your sanity.

Oscar Mayer

Candied hot dog bits + hot dog sweet cream + spicy Dijon gelato + cookie bun. Is this heaven or hell? 

Oscar Mayer, a meat-focused brand that's not afraid of bizarre advertising stunts like renting out the Wienermobile as an Airbnb, is making a for-real hot dog-flavored ice cream sandwich. 

You're probably either pondering this with a deep "hmm" or you're retching right now. Oscar Mayer tweeted about the cold treat's existence on Thursday, calling it the "Ice Dog Sandwich." 

It appears the Ice Dog Sandwich will make the rounds in New York City the week of August 12. Oscar Mayer said fans should keep an eye and ear out for a specially outfitted Wienermobile, which will double as the world's weirdest ice cream truck. Samples will be free.

Oscar Mayer revealed the ingredient list, which does indeed involve Oscar Mayer wieners. 

I sent a Twitter direct message to Oscar Mayer to ask about the Ice Dog and received this response: "Hi! Oscar Mayer's Ice Dog Sandwich is REAL! Our ice cream maker is churning our delicious candied hot dog bit as we type this DM! You'll hear from us with more deets soon."

New York City hand-made ice cream company il laboratorio del gelato partnered with Oscar Mayer to create the sandwich, aiming to "translate the experience of eating your favorite Oscar Mayer hot dog in frozen form." An Oscar Mayer PR representative told me the Ice Dog is "actually delicious."

The Oscar Mayer ice cream reveal comes at a time when mustard brand French's is pushing its own mustard ice cream, so clearly the madness is contagious. Oscar Mayer is owned by Kraft Heinz, while French's is owned by McCormick & Company.

As far as food marketing stunts go, Oscar Mayer's latest is both funny and gross. Will it be a culinary abomination or the surprise sweet-treat hit of the summer? It will depend on your tolerance for processed beef tube-flavored ice cream.

One thing is certain: "I wish I were an Oscar Mayer ice cream sandwich" doesn't really roll off the tongue.