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OSBC tracking ahead of schedule on IT executive attendance

OSBC continues to hit the IT exec.

InfoWorld just sent me the registration numbers for the upcoming Open Source Business Conference, March 25-26 in San Francisco. As expected, we're significantly up on IT executive attendance.

I say "as expected" because attendance from the IT community has been on the upswing since the second show back in 2005. Each time we've increased the number of developers, architects, CIOs, etc. who attend the event. The content has partly been the cause, but it's also important to remember that as open source has gone mainstream, IT executives are increasingly allowed to be publicly interested in open source.

We've come a long way, baby!

The event gets better every year, largely because it's no longer a vendor strategy show. It's increasingly an IT strategy show focused on open source, one where you can walk the halls and expect to have conversations with the best in the business like Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL, Jon Williams, CTO of Kaplan, and so on.

Mark your calendar. You belong at OSBC.