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OS X Utilities Updates: ShellShell; Timbuktu Pro; Mail Fix; MacVCD; more

OS X Utilities Updates: ShellShell; Timbuktu Pro; Mail Fix; MacVCD; more

ShellShell 1.0 is a scriptable application that can provide a friendly OS X user interface to any UNIX command. Its success will partly depend on UNIX users writing scripts to work with it. But it is potentially a great solution to those who want the "power of UNIX" without the UNIX command line interface.

Timbuktu Pro X 1.0b is an OS X preview release of this remote control and file transfer application. Timbuktu Pro for OS X integrates several new features including package distribution, added security, large file support and the complete Aqua interface.

Mail Fix 1.0 provides a workaround for a Mail.app bug that causes sending mail using certain SMTP servers to fail.

MacVCD X is a Mac OS X version of MacVCD. You can use it to play VCDs on your Macintosh. Because Mac OS X (as of April 2001) does not support the Video CD format, you need to make Macintosh formatted copies of your VCDs for use with Mac OS X. You can do this using MacVCD and a CD burner. Once you have created these new CDs you can use MacVCD X just like MacVCD.

OpenSSH 2.5.2p1 is a free version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools, based on OpenSSH 2.5.2.

Fizzilla 4/17 is a Carbon version of mozilla.org's next generation browser

Initio 9100UW 3.01 is a firmware update for the SCSI card. The firmware must be flashed from OS 9 it will not work from OS X. Your SCSI drives will be bootable with this firmware and only hard drives are supported with this firmware.