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Orphiro: The Tesla Roadster of electric motorcycles

Due out this fall, the Orphiro does for electric motorcycles what the Tesla Roadster did for electric cars. Gorgeous styling and spoke wheels meld seamlessly with a bunch of batteries.

Orphiro electric motorcycle
Batteries never looked so good. Orphiro

Electric motorcycles have been around for a while, but most of them look like glorified dirt bikes where styling takes a backseat to function.

The upcoming Orphiro electric motorcycle is pretty, oh so pretty. Rounded lines, spoke wheels, sliver paint, and bronze accents harken back to the days when motorcycles were gorgeous creatures, long before the Honda Gold Wing came around.

What's missing is the big chrome gas engine. The Dutch-designed, fully electric Orphiro has a range of 60 miles and a top speed of 75 miles per hour. This is definitely meant for laid-back cruising on scenic roads (near an electrical outlet).

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The bike is expected to launch this fall, but the official price tag hasn't been announced. Don't expect to find one at your local Harley dealer. Production will be very limited.

Just as the Tesla Roadster brought glamor to electric cars, the Orphiro is bringing class and slick styling to electric motorcycles. That makes this creation a shoe-in for celebrity buyers from Hollywood. You get both a rebel image and an environmentally conscious glow at the same time.