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Orion's Belt is made of leather, and other hilarious #NewSpaceFacts

Comedy Central's nightly #HashtagWars game on Twitter reveals important information about the goings-on in our universe and beyond. Note: Matt Damon is from Mars, Ben Affleck is from Venus.

Editing so many science stories at CNET, I've become fairly conversant in space facts. Until Monday night, however, I did not know that Orion's Belt is made of real leather or that the big red spot on Jupiter is actually a Target store. I have @Midnight's nightly #HashtagWars on Twitter to thank for my expanded knowledge.

For those who've managed to avoid this highly addictive digital distraction (farewell, free time), it's part of Comedy Central's "@Midnight" late-night game show. The show's hosted by funny guy Chris Hardwick, who rounds up a panel of other comedians to riff on the news of the day in the style of a game show. The #HashtagWars segment involves tossing out a Twitter hashtag, generally one with some cultural relevance, and getting all of Twitter in on the creativity. Winning comes by way of favorites and retweets, with the ultimate prize being a retweet by the @midnight Twitter account itself (validation!).

Monday night brought one of the best hashtags in a while, to my hashtag-hardened eyes at least, #NewSpaceFacts. And since CNET readers love all things space, I've rounded up 10 of my favorite responses, in no particular order. So go draw yourself a Mars-water bath and enjoy. And if you have any #NewSpaceFacts you think your fellow readers should know, share them in the comments at light speed.