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Original 'Star Wars' film getting remade in Minecraft

A Minecraft user is painstakingly re-creating the original 1977 film "Star Wars" entirely in Minecraft. May the blocky force be with him.

Several Minecraft players have built "Star Wars"-themed worlds in the game, but one user is upping the ante by creating an entire "Star Wars" film from the digital blocks.

A user by the name of Paradise Decay has spent the last three years painstakingly building characters, vehicles, and environments from the film in the blocky world. Some of the environments are so complex that it's taken him nearly six months to fully build them, giving you an idea of the level of detail he's hoping to achieve.

On Wednesday, Paradise Decay released a new trailer to build hype for the project, and it shows just how much progress he's made. In the corresponding blog post, he announced that a full hour and 10 minutes of the film is complete, so he's just past the halfway mark to re-create the 125 minutes of footage from the original film.

The plot will strictly follow that of George Lucas' 1977 classic, and Paradise Decay will rely on viewers having a DVD copy of the original film to get sound. Yes, you'll need to sync up the DVD with his re-creation to hear what's going on, something Paradise Decay likely did to avoid copyright issues.

The film is set to be finished and released for free sometime in 2015, and you can view trailers and several minutes of actual footage on Paradise Decay's YouTube page.

The Millennium Falcon above Mos Eisley in Minecraft Star Wars. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Kotaku)