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Original Apple-1 computer going, going for $150K-ish

An Apple-1 computer motherboard is being auctioned tomorrow. The price is expected to be in the $120,000 to $180,000 range.

What am I bid for this beauty? Sothebys

You may, like so many, have lost 40 percent of your wealth recently, but I'm sure you've saved something for this.

Tomorrow, the nice people at Sothebys are auctioning an Apple-1 motherboard, the very motherlode of modern, beautiful computing.

What's morally uplifting about your potential investment is that this particular machine allegedly works. It is, so Sothebys says, one of only six in earthly existence that can do whatever it is Apple-1 computers were supposed to do. Add, subtract and look amazing at parties, I suppose.

Computerworld quotes Mike Willegal -- an engineer who is something of an authority on these things -- as saying of the estimation of six: "That's probably a pretty good estimate of original Apple-1s that have been operated in the last four or five years."

It may temporarily paralyze some to learn that the Apple-1 was sold without modern luxuries. You know, like a keyboard or a monitor. Or a pretty white box, I imagine.

Still, Sothebys seem confident that this one will attract a bid of somewhere between $120,000 and $180,000. (So only a little more than a Tesla.)

A couple of years ago, Christies sold an Apple-1 for $210,700. However, Christies, being clever little salesmen, tossed in a signed letter sent to the original owner by Steve Jobs.

I am sure that several enthusiasts will make an appointment with their bank manager as soon as possible (the auction is at 10 a.m. ET Friday) , as this chance seems to be a rare one.

It is surely the equivalent of buying a Model-T Ford. Should you have children, it might serve as an excellent hedge against, well, the further depredations of hedge funds.