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Origami unfolds at CeBit

Origami unfolds at CeBit

Intel and Microsoft took the stage at CeBit earlier today and shared more details on the shape and form that upcoming Origami devices may take. Microsoft's contribution is Touch Pack, an overlay that optimizes Windows XP Tablet navigation on UltraMobile PCs. Check out the CeBit News daily that shows one feature of Touch Pack: an onscreen circular keyboard for your thumbs. Microsoft used the Samsung Q1 in the demo to illustrate Touch Pack; Asus and Founder also had Intel-based models on hand, which Engadget stood in front of.'s Ina Fried reports that other companies will build UltraMobile PCs with Via processors. Pricing and release dates are still unknown.

Quick specs on the Samsung Q1: 7-inch touch screen display, ultra-low-voltage Pentium or Celeron chip, 40GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and support for GPS and digital TV.