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Origami remote: You know, for kids

Control your television with folded paper.

origami remote
We Make Money Not Art

We initially blew right past the "Origami TV Remote Control" headline at Trendhunter because we'd rather waste our UMPC's pathetic battery life on something more vital than controlling our TV. But a closer look revealed that this remote control had nothing to do with the Origami Project and everything to do with actual origami--as in, folded paper.

On display at the Design Interactions Work in Progress Show in London, the paper remote control looks like the "fortune teller" you no doubt encountered in middle school. But rather than inaccurately predicting the name of your future spouse, this device lets you change channels and control the volume on your TV, thanks to a wireless sensor board and a Max/MSP program.

The concept was designed with children in mind, but frankly, Crave hasn't met a kid who couldn't run circles around a TiVo remote. We think the simple control would be great, though, for houseguests who break down into tears while trying to navigate our home theater system. Of which, sadly, there are many.