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Origami--can you believe the hype?

last week about a new product that Microsoft reportedly is preparing to announce under the code name "origami."


Bloggers began gossiping about a promotional video for the project. News reports this week say it's likely to be a wireless touch-screen handheld computer.

But forget about the technology--one of the more interesting discussions surrounding the rumors was how Microsoft built the hype for this announcement. Some bloggers praised Redmond's ability to build buzz, while others wondered whether any company could live up to the hype.

Blog community response:

"Whether Microsoft is planning an announcement on 2 March or not (theyÂ’re not, says the New York Times), this buzz build-up is a good example of what a little word-of-mouth can do for a brand and an as-yet-unreleased product, especially in a hot and sexy area like consumer electronics."
--Neville Hobson

"So here's the thing Microsoft, you've built the buzz. You've got people interested. You're talking the talk. Just make sure that when you finally pull up the curtain that whatever's behind it can walk the walk. Otherwise cover your ears, because the explosion, both bozo and blogo, will be loud."

"'Will it walk the walk?' Whenever hype gets ahead of an announcement, the answer has to be: no."