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Orgoo adds video chat to repertoire

Talk with others using text and a Web cam with Orgoo's new chat.

Orgoo, one of my favorite communication aggregation services, quietly launched a new video-chat service yesterday. It lets anyone create a text chat room with four spots for Web cam video and audio without any sort of registration or software besides Adobe's Flash plug-in. I gave it a spin earlier today and came away impressed.

Like the company's multiclient e-mail and chat mashup, which I checked out back in September, it's been designed with simplicity in mind and setup is about as easy as it gets. Users can privatize chat rooms simply by providing a password and can brand the room with a logo or photo from their hard drives.

After a room has been created, it will remain live even after all the members have left--all you need is the permalink and password to return to it later. The implementation reminds me a lot of MeBeam, an instant video-chat service we played with internally but never wrote about.

In terms of integration with Orgoo's core service, which will likely open up from its current private beta later this month at the Under the Radar conference, the video chat simply takes up a new tab in between the e-mail and regular text-chat buddy list. It also inherits the right-click contextual menus that are often an overlooked, yet satisfying addition to Flash-based applications.

The video-chat app joins a slew of others including the aforementioned MeBeam, Tokbox, and ooVoo, along with the recently released Yahoo Live.

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Chat with as many people as you'd like, and video chat with up to four people at the same time, all in the same place with Orgoo chat. CNET Networks